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GSIS IV: 300

At a time when she was living with relatives, and the bush-clover was blooming particularly beautifully, the master of the house was somewhere else and not communicating, so she sent this to him.


siratuyu mo
kokoro okite ya
nusi mo tasunenu
yado no aki Fagi
Silver dewdrops
Also fall on their hearts
I feel;
As the master pays no call
On his dwelling’s autumn bush-clover.

Chikuzen Wet Nurse

Horikawa hyakushu 1136


warinasi ya
omoFu kokoro no
iro naraba
kore zo sore tomo
misemasi mono wo
How indiscriminate!
If a heart in love’s
Passionate hues I have
Each and every one
Are something I would show to you!

Kawachi, from the household of the Former Ise Virgin

Horikawa hyakushu 1135


yoso nagara
koFi Fa iro ni mo
aranaku ni
kokoro ni Fukaku
From a distance
Love in visible shades of passion
Has not appeared, but
Deep within her heart
It has begun to leave its hue.

Iyo, from the Residence of Imperial Princess Sukeko