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SIS XX: 1348

Composed when the Bodhisattva had arrived in the bay, having come from southern India for the consecration of the Tōdaiji.


riyauzen no
siyaka no omaFe ni
sin’nyo kutisezu
aFimituru kana
At Vulture Peak
Before the Buddha
Did we swear
That truth has broken not, and
Now we meet again!

Major Archbishop Yukimoto

Sanekata Shū 221

In Michinoku, after my wife had died, I wrote this when Tsutsugimi put on trousers for the first time.


inisiFe wo
keFu ni aFasuru
mono naraba
Fitori Fa tiyo wo
If she, now gone,
To meet with this day
Had been able,
Alone, for a thousand years of health
I would not be praying…

Sanekata Shū 149

After I had been seeing a certain lady’s daughter in secret for a while, she died, and feeling inconsolable I wrote to her mother:


tigiri arite
mata Fa kono yo ni
umaru tomo
mi mo ya wasuremu
A bond we had, and
Once more into this world
Will she be born, yet
With a different face
I may see and still forget her…

Sanekata Shū 45

At around the same time, when I had seen my dead son in a tearful dream.


utatane no
kono yo no yume no
Fakanaki ni
samenu yagate no
ututu to mogana
My dreamworld was
Brief, indeed;
O, that ever wakeless
My reality could be…

KKS XVI: 853

The apartment where Fujiwara no Toshimoto had lived when he was Middle Captain in the Right Imperial Bodyguards became vacant after his death and, late one autumn night when Arisuke was returning to the palace he glanced inside, noticing that the gardens which had been planted were growing in disorderly profusion and, as he had been in service there himself, he recalled times long past and composed:


kimi ga uFesi
Fito mura sususki
musi no ne no
sigeki nobe to mo
narinikeru kana
My Lord, you planted
A single clump of silver grass:
The insects’ cries
Are as profuse as the swath
It has become…

Miharu no Arisuke