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SIS XVII: 1089


ama no kaFa
aFugi no kaze ni
kumo Farete
sora sumiwataru
kasasagi no Fasi
Upon the River of Heaven,
The breeze of her fan
Clears the clouds, and
Soaring ‘cross the skies goes
A bridge of magpies.

Kiyowara no Motosuke

This poem is also Wakan rōeishū  202.

SKKS V: 522

At a time when the Regent and Grand Minister was a colonel, he had this composed for him as part of a hundred poem sequence.


kasasagi no
kumo no kakewashi
aki kurete
yowa ni wa shimo ya
The magpies’
Bridge, spans the clouds,
And at the end of autumn
In night’s depths, is it the frost
That falls all around.

The Monk Jakuren (d. 1202)