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GSS XV: 1089

Composed when he had built himself a hut at Meeting Hill, and was watching people go by.


kore ya kono
yuku mo kaFeru mo
siru mo siranu mo
aFusaka no seki
This is truly where
Folk leaving and returning
Are ever parting;
Strangers and friends:
Meeting Hill’s barrier.


Love II: 27

Left (Win).


kaware tada
wakaruru michi no
nobe no tsuyu
inochi ni mukau
mono mo omowaji
O, change
Upon our parting! The path
Through the dew dropped fields –
How like life:
I would not think such thoughts!

Lord Sada’ie 




wakareji no
arikeru mono o
ōsaka no
seki o nani shi ni
The path after parting
Is such a thing, so
Why to Meeting Hill’s
Barrier Gate do we
Rush to pass in haste?

Lord Tsune’ie


The Gentlemen of the Right state: the diction in the Left’s poem fails to link. The Gentlemen of the Left state: what novelty there is in the Right’s poem!

Shunzei’s judgement: in the Left’s poem it does not appear to me that the diction of the initial section links poorly. ‘How like life’ (inochi ni mukau) does, indeed, appear in the Man’yōshū and other works, but it does not seem that desirable. As for the Right, while it seems that the appearance of Meeting Hill is well understood, saying ‘why to the barrier gate’ (seki o nani shi ni) is inferior to ‘how like life’.

KYS VI: 349

When he went down to Michinoku Province, he sent this back to the capital from the barrier at Meeting Hill.


ware Fitori
isogu to omoFisi
adumadi ni
kakine no mume Fa
I, alone,
Was hurried, or so I thought,
Upon this eastland road;
The plum trees by the fence
Have bloomed already.

Tachibana no Norimitsu