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SIS XVI: 1015

When he had gone to view the blossoms blooming beautifully at his villa in Kitashirakawa, and a number of other people arrived:


Faru kite zo
Fito mo toFikeru
yamazato Fa
Fana koso yado no
aruzi narikere
Spring is come, and
Folk visiting, too:
At this mountain home,
‘Tis the blossoms are the house’s

Assistant Captain of the Outer Palace Guards, Right Division, Kintō

SIS XVI: 1043

In Spring, His Majesty, the Priestly Retired Emperor [Uda] was at Hanayama; when he was about to return home:


mate to iFaba
ito mo kasikosi
Fanayama ni
sibasi to nakan
tori no ne mo gana
Should I say to wait,
It would be impertinent;
In Hanayama
‘ Linger but a while,’ call
The birds-or I wish they did.

Archbishop Henjō

SIS XVI: 1006

When he was sent into exile, he gazed at the plum blossom at his house.


koti fukaba
niFoFi wokoseyo
mume no Fana
aruzi nasi tote
Faru wo wasuru na
Should the east winds blow,
Carry me the fragrance
Of plum blossom;
And though your lord is gone,
Never forget the springtime.

The Posthumous Grand Minister [Sugawara no Michizane]