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GSS XVII: 1241

When he had gone to the province of Michinoku as its governor, he saw a withered pine tree at Takekuma, and had a sapling planted to replace it; after finishing his posting, he returned to the same province later, and saw the pine he had planted once more.


uesi toki
tigiri ya si ken
takekuma no
matu wo Futatabi
aFimituru kana
When I planted you
Did I make a vow, perhaps?
That Takekuma’s
Pine once more
I would encounter!

Fujiwara no Motoyoshi

GSS XVI: 1182

When the Biwa Minister of the Left, having some use for them, requested some oak leaves, and this was sent to the house of his acquaintence, Chikane, to obtain them.


wa ga yado wo
itu narasite ka
nara no Fa wo
narasigaFo ni Fa
wori ni okosuru
With my home
When did you become so familiar?
That leaves of oak
So freely
Do you send to pick!



During the Chōgan Era, when His Majesty enquired when the Man’yōshū was created, he composed this and presented it.


sigure Furiwokeru
nara no Fa no
na ni oFu miya no
Furugoto zo kore
In the Godless Month
Drizzle falls upon
The leaves of Nara oak!
The palace bearing that name
Produced these ancient words!

Fun’ya no Arisue

GSIS XIX: 1147

When he visited, after many years, the home of lady with whom he had once been intimate, she composed this, pretending not to know who he was.


sugi mo sugi
yado mo mukashi no
yado nagara
kawaru wa hito no
kokoro narikeri
The cedars and their
Dwelling make my home just as it was
So long ago;
What has changed is  my


SZS XVI: 966

During the reign of former Emperor Ichijō, around the time Her Majesty, the Empress, first made the acquaintence of Sei Shōnagon, she had to leave for two or three days in the Third Month, and this was sent to her from Her Majesty.


ika ni site
suginisi kata wo
kinoFu keFu kana
What ever was
The way I spent my time before?
And, how can I pass it now?
Suffering in darkness
Have these days gone by…

Her Majesty, the Empress [Sadako]