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SKKS IV: 320

Composed as a tanabata poem.


tanabata no
to wataru fune no
kaji no ha ni
iku aki kakitsu
tsuyu no tamazusa
For the Weaver Maid,
Across the narrows goes the boat;
In its oar stroke – as on mulberry leaves?
How many are the autumns, when writ
With dewdrops are the letters…

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKS IV: 157

Once when the New Retired Emperor [Sutoku] was there, he command that Tadamichi compose a poem on a prospect in the midst of snowfall, so he composed the following:


kurenawi ni
miesi kozuwe mo
yuki Fureba
sira yuFu kakuru
kaminabi no mori
Scarlet hues
Appeared on the treetops:
Here with the falling snow
White cords of mulberry cloth are hung
In the forest of Kaminabi.

The Chancellor and Former Grand Minister [Fujiwara no Tadamichi] (1097-1164)

KYS II: 97

In the Fourth Month of the First Year of the Ōtoku period (1084) at the Sanjō Palace he composed this on the profusion of leaves on the trees in the garden.


niFa mo Fabiro ni
koya yuFu sidete
kami maturu koro
The oak trees
In the garden in full fledge
Do stand.
Look! Mulberry streamers flutter
For the gods here now!

Major Councillor [Minamoto no] Tsunenobu