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SKKS VI: 704

Composed on the conception of the evening of the year by the sea, at the residence of the Tsuchimikado Palace Minister.


yuku toshi o
ojima no ama no
kasnete sode ni
nami ya kakuran
The parting year covers me with
Regret, as at Ojima the fisherfolk’s
Drenched robes are
Laid atop each other, with sleeves
Still washed by waves, it seems…

Fujiwara no Ari’ie

SKKS X: 933

A travel poem for a fifty poem sequence composed for the Monk-Prince Shukaku.


tachi kaeri
mata mo kite min
matsushima ya
ojima no tomaya
nami ni arasu na
Rising, falling, leaving, departing
To come once again to see
In Matsushima,
Ojima where my hut-
I would not have the wave wash it away.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari