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Love X: 22

Left (Win)

ono no e o
nani ka ayashi to
shibashi no koi mo
sode wa kuchikeri
An axe haft –
What is there strange in that
I wonder?
For with this brief love
My sleeves have rotted…



asamashi ya
kokoro o shioru
yamabito mo
mi ni ou hodo no
nageki o zo koru
How surprising!
A woodcutter, too,
Is burdened by
The tree of grief he fells…

Lord Takanobu

Left and Right together state: we find no faults to mention.

In judgement: For the Left, I wonder how long a ‘brief love’ (shibashi no koi) lasts? For one’s sleeves to have rotted, surely a certain amount of time must have passed, but in configuration the poem is certainly elegant. The Right’s woodcutter (yamabito) sounds like he is saying rather too much about himself. The Left should win.

SZS IV: 271

Composed on the conception of thinking about flowers in the meadows.


ima wa simo
Fo ni idenuramu
adumadi no
iFata no wono no
sino no wosusuki
Now it is that
Their fronds seem to appear:
On the eastern roads,
Through Iwata meadows,
Fresh silver-grass among the arrow bamboo.

Fujiwara no Kore’ie