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Horikawa-in Enjo Awase 9


hito shirenu
omoi ariso no
hamakaze ni
nami no yoru koso
Unknown to all
My passion burns—toward a rocky
Beach the breeze
Brings waves–that
I would tell you!

Middle Captain Toshitada

In reply.


oto ni kiku
takashi no hama no
adanami wa
kakeji ya sode no
nure mo koso sure
By repute
Upon Takashi Beach
Break faithless waves, so
Had I not better keep away? Lest my sleeves
Should end up soaked!


[1] This poem is attributed to Kii, from the residence of Imperial Princess Sukeko 祐子内親王家紀伊 in Hyakunin isshu (72).

Saishō chūjō kuninobu no ie no uta’awase 16

Left (Win).

wa ga koFi Fa
kata’urazome  no
kaFesite nuru ya
iro ni miyurururamu
For my love
An inner-dyed
Cathay robe
I will reverse – in sleep, then,
I wonder will I see passion’s hues?

Shichirō 七郎
[Minamoto no Ie’yori 源家職]


nenu mama ni
tuki wo nagamete
akasu kana
yami ni Fa koFi mo
While sleepless
I gaze upon the moon
‘til dawn!
For in the darkness my love
Would gain no consolation!

Saburō 三郎
[Minamoto no Kanemasa 源兼昌]

Love V: 5

Left (Tie).

iwanu ma wa
omou mo kokoro
sa wa itsuwari no
yume ya mitemashi
While he’s said not a word,
If love in his heart
Arrived for my white hair,
Then a false dream
Would I see in truth?

Lord Kanemune.


koi someshi
kokoro no iro ni
tsumu toshi wa
wa ga kurogami ni
Since I first awoke to love
The hues of passion in my heart by
The drifting years
Upon my raven tresses
Are made clear.


The Right state: is this a reference to the recent poem ‘seeing a dream with white hair’ (yume o miru to mo tsukumogami)? The Left state: ‘drifting years’ (tsumu toshi) is grating on the ear.

In judgement: both poems refer to hair, and the Gentlemen of the Right have asked whether the Left are referring to a ‘recent poem’, and I wonder when this poem might have been composed? It is impossible to entirely avoid referring to poems which are not included in the anthologies. Needless to say, though, it is normal for one’s poems not to resemble others to a great extent. In addition, I do not feel that ‘drifting years’ is that grating on the ear. However, simply saying ‘Upon my raven tresses are made clear’ (wa ga kurogami ni arawarenikeri) does not convey a strong sense of gray hair, I think. Finally, the configuration of the Left’s ‘then a false dream’ (sa wa itsuwari no) is particularly unacceptable, I think. So, a tie.