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KYS III: 173

Composed on the topic of ‘autumn wind at a hut in the fields’, when he had gone with various people to Lord Morokata’s residence at Unozu.


yū sareba
kadota no inaba
ashi no maroya ni
akikaze zo fuku
When the evening comes
The rice-seedling fronds before my door
Sound out—
Around this reed-roofed hut
The autumn wind is blowing.

Middle Councellor Tsunenobu

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

GSS XII: 806

A man went to the country house of a woman with whom he had been having conversation, among other things, but although he knocked – perhaps because she did not hear him – she did not open the gate, so listening to the frogs croaking in the paddies.


asiFiki no
yamada no soFodu
Fitori kaFeru no
ne o zo nakinuru
Reed pulling in
The mountain paddies, a scarecrow
Stands grieving;
On his solitary return, the frogs’
Cries is all he does!