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SKS IX: 320

When, around the Eighth Month, a man whom she had been conversing with said that ‘his sleeves were wet with dew’, she composed this in reply.


aki Fa mina
mono’omoFu koto naki
ogi no Fa mo
suwe tawamu made
tuyu Fa okikeri
In Autumn,
Unwracked by cares
The reed fronds too
Hang heavy at the tips
With dewfall upon them.

Izumi Shikibu

SKS V: 167

The day after someone’s third son had had his coming-of-age ceremony, Motosuke sent this to him.


matusima no
iso ni murewiru
asitadu no
wono ga samazama
miesi tiyo kana
At Matsushima’s
Rocky shore, the flocking
Cranes among the reeds,
Each and every one
Has seen a thousand passing years.

Kiyowara no Motosuke

KYS VII: 401

Composed as a love poem.


iFanu ma Fa
simo FaFu asi no
ne wo sigemi
Fimanaki koFi wo
Fito sirurame ya
I say nothing, yet in the marsh
Below creep the reeds’
Roots in profusion-
No space between them-my love
I wonder if she knows it?

The Regent and Minister of the Left [Fujiwara no Tadamichi]


On a day when the Priestly Retired Emperor [Uda (867-931; r. 887-897)] was at the Western River, Tsurayuki composed this poem on the topic of ‘cranes standing on a sandbank’ by imperial command.


asitadu no
tateru kaFabe wo
Fuku kaze ni
yosete kaFeranu
nami ka to zo miru
Cranes among the reeds
Standing by the water’s edge:
The gusting wind has
Brought near, and not retrieved
These whitecaps, or so it seems.