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SKKS I: 16

A New Year’s Day poem, composed on the Hie shrine.


sazanami ya
shiga no hamamatsu
ta ga yo ni hikeru
ne no hi naruran
Where the wavelets strike
On Shiga beach the pine trees
Have grown old;
Whose reign might have seen you plucked
On a new year’s day, I wonder.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKS I: 1

During the reign of Retired Emperor Horikawa, when he offered a hundred poem sequence, he composed this in the conception of the beginning of Spring.


koFori wisi
siga no karasaki
sazanami yosuru
Faru kaze zo Fuku
Once ice-locked,
Around Kara Cape in Shiga
There is a melting and
The wavelets lap
With the blowing breeze of Spring.

Minister of the Treasury [Ōe no] Masafusa