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SKKS XIX: 1882

From a hundred poem sequence composed at the house of the Lay-Priest and former Regent.


kami kaze ya
isuzu no kawa no
iku chi yo sume to
Is it the Gods’ own wind?
By the river Isuzu
The shrine pillars-gods all-
Will stand for many thousand years-
Starting to stir the waters?

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKKS XIX: 1879

Composed on seeing the moon, when he had gone to Tsukiyomi Shrine in Ise on a pilgrimage.


washi no takane no
kumoi yori
kage yawaraguru
tsukiyomi no mori
How clear,
From the eagles’ lofty peak
Through the clouds
A gentle light upon
The forest of Tsukiyomi.

The Monk Saigyō

SKKS XIX: 1872

When the Regent and Grand Minister was a Colonel, he went to the Grand Shrine as an Imperial Messenger, Sada’ie accompanied him and composed this at the Outer Shrine.


chigiri arite
kyô miyagawa no
yû kazura
nagaki yo made mo
kakete tanoman
It must be fate-
On this day by the sacred river’s
Barken garlands,
‘For as long as they should
Hang there,’ is my plea.

Fujiwara no Sada’ie

SZS XX: 1278

After he had left Mount Takano, he went to Futamigaura in the province of Ise and, hearing that the sacred mountain in the Grand Shrine was called the Mountain of the Divine Way, he composed this, feeling that Dainichi Nyorai had manifested there.


Fukaku irite
kamudi no woku
mata uwe mo naki
mine no matu kaze
If to the heights
Of the Divine Way
One were to tread,
Still-with nought above
The peak-’twould be the pine-tree wind that blows.

The Monk En’i

SZS XX: 1264

Composed in the conception of the moon over a shrine, at the same poetry competition.


matu mono iFaba
mukasi mo kaku ya
sumi no e no tuki
The ancient
Pines-if only they could speak!
For I would ask,
Of old was it as bright:
The moon on Sumiyoshi Bay?

The Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Sanesada]