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MYS XI: 2472

A poem expressing feelings in metaphor.


miwatashi no
mimuro no yama no
ipapo suge
nemokoro ware pa
kata’omopi zo suru
As I gaze
Upon Mimuro Mountain’s
Hardy grasses on the crags
How fondly do my
Thoughts dwell on you.

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Collection

Summer I: 7

Left (Win).


tabibito ya
natsuno no kusa o
suge no ogasa no
Does a traveller
Through the grasses on the summer plains
Come forging?
A woven hat of sedge
Revealed and then concealed…

Lord Kanemune.




natsu kusa no
shigemi o yukeba
nani to naku
tsuyu wake koromo
sode zo nurekeru
Through the summer grass’
Lush growth a’going
My robe’s dew breaking
Sleeves are drenched.

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Right have no criticisms to make of the Left’s poem, but the Left remark that, ‘the phrase “somehow” (nani to naku) is obscure and discordant.’

Shunzei comments, ‘While the style [fūtei] of the Left’s poem is somewhat lacking, it otherwise has no faults. The Right’s “robe’s dew breaking” (tsuyu wake koromo) is superb, but as a whole the expression in the poem is insufficient. The Left wins.’