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KKS XII: 559

A poem from the Empress’ Poetry Competition held in the Kanpyō period.


suminoe no
kisi ni yoru nami
yoru saFe ya
yume no kayoFidi
Fitome yokuramu
As to Suminoe’s
Shore rush the waves
Why every night
Upon the path of dreams
Do I hide from other’s eyes?

Fujiwara no Toshiyuki

Love 56

Left (Tie).


yo to tomo ni
fukiage no hama no
shio kaze ni
nabiku masago no
kudakete zo omou
Long lasting as the world,
Upon the beach at Fukiage
By the tide-borne wind
The streaming sands
Are shattered as my thoughts of you.




sumi no e no
matsu no netaku ya
yoru nami no
yoru to wa nageki
yume o dani mide
The Suminoe
Pines: how I envy them! Roots
Washed by waves,
My night is sunk in sorrow,
Lacking e’en a glimpsed dream.


KKS VII: 360

A poem composed for the four seasons screen behind the guest of honour when the Principal Handmaid celebrated the fortieth birthday of the Fujiwara Major Captain of the Right (Autumn):


suminoe no
matu wo aki kaze
Fuku kara ni
kowe utisoFuru
oki tu siranami
At Suminoe
The pines by autumn winds
Are blown, so
Their voices add to
The whitecaps, off the shore.