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KKS XVI: 853

The apartment where Fujiwara no Toshimoto had lived when he was Middle Captain in the Right Imperial Bodyguards became vacant after his death and, late one autumn night when Arisuke was returning to the palace he glanced inside, noticing that the gardens which had been planted were growing in disorderly profusion and, as he had been in service there himself, he recalled times long past and composed:


kimi ga uFesi
Fito mura sususki
musi no ne no
sigeki nobe to mo
narinikeru kana
My Lord, you planted
A single clump of silver grass:
The insects’ cries
Are as profuse as the swath
It has become…

Miharu no Arisuke


When he was passing through the fields, having gone down to Michinoku, he saw an impressive tomb and asked whose it was; he was told it was the tomb of ‘the Captain’. On asking which Captain, he was told they meant Sanekata; it was winter, and he absently noted the miscanthus grass all around was withered by the frost and, feeling that there was nothing [there] that suited the time…


kuchi mo senu
sono na bakari o
kareno no sususki
katami to zo miru
His name alone
Remains left here;
The frost-burned field of miscanthus
Will be my keepsake.

The Monk Saigyō