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Horikawa-in Enjo Awase 11

Later, on the second day of the Fifth Month, it appears that everyone, quite losing their composure, decorated their replies extravagantly and even painted pictures beneath them; later, on the seventh day of the same month, because His Majesty sent instructions to the ladies who had been present to compose love poems and attend him, on that day they attended him to present their poems.


matsu ni tsukete mo
sasagani no
izure no yo ni ka
shiru toki zo omou
A cuckoo
I do await, and yet
The tiny crab—
On which night is it?—
Will know the time, I hope!



shirushi arite
konu yo mo are ya
nakanaka kakeshi
kumo no furumai
Should there be a sign,
Would there really be a night he failed to come,
That cuckoo?
Truly to be trusted was
The spider’s spinning…

The Major Counsellor

A picture of a spider spinning a web.
Image by Ada K from Pixabay