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SKKS XV: 1344

Written in place of a man, when a lady who had promised to do so failed to reply to him.


ima kon to
iu koto no ha mo
kareyuku ni
yona yona tsuyu no
nani ni okuran
“I’ll be back soon!”
Those words of yours, like leaves
Have withered; and
Night after night, the dewdrops:
What should they fall upon?

Izumi Shikibu

SKKS XV: 1336

From the Minase 15 Love Poem Poetry Competition.


shirotae no
sode no wakare ni
tsuyu ochite
mi ni shimu iro no
aki kaze zo fuku
White mulberry cloth,
My sleeves, on parting
Are splashed with dew,
Staining my breast, this hue
Is carried on the gusting autumn wind.

Fujiwara no Sada’ie