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Love II: 5

Left (Win).


toshi mo henu
inoru chigiri wa
onoe no kane no
yoso no yūgure
Years have gone by,
Praying that our bond should be, but
On Mount Hatsuse
The bell of Onoe
Tolls only distant dusk…

Lord Sada’ie.



sode no tameshi to
narine to ya
hito o ukita no
mori no shime
‘All rotted through
Your sleeves
Should be,’ is that your word?
She is heartless as Ukita’s
Sacred grove’s boundary cords…



The Gentlemen of the Left and Right both state that they find no faults worth mentioning with the opposing poem.

Shunzei’s judgement: the style of both poems seems pleasant [fūtei wa yoroshiku miehaberu], but the conception contained in the Left’s poem is not fully expressed by its diction. The Right’s rotted sleeves should be ‘like the sacred grove’s boundary cord’ (mori no shimenawa no tameshi to ya), but the poet makes his own sleeves the focus. This reference to ‘sacred grove’s boundary cord’ also sounds somewhat impious. ‘The bell of Onoe’ should win.