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Yōzei-in uta’awase (Engi jūsan-nen kugatsu kokonoka) 23



aki to ieba
ima ikutabi mo
nokoranu o
oshimu kokoro mo
tomo ni tsukitsutsu
Speaking of the autumn,
Now, how many times is it that
Nothing remains, and
With a regretful heart
It is ever exhausted?




oshimu ni mo
tomaranu aki no
tachi’ite wa
urami o nomi ya
Regrets that
Autumn lingers not
Arise, so
With despite alone
Will it be remembered?


Love VII: 21


yo o kasane
kokoro no seki no
kataki kana
wa ga ne wa tori no
sorane naraneba
Night upon night
The barriers upon your heart
Stand firm, indeed!
For the sounds I make are no cock’s
False crow!

Lord Ari’ie

Right (Win).

hito shirenu
urami ni amaru
nami no ue o
osauru sode ya
suma no sekimori
She cannot know
The prospect of my despair;
Dashed upon the waves
Are my sleeves
Barrier Wardens at Suma?


The Right state: why specifically refer to a ‘false crow’ (sorane)? This makes it sound as if the barrier would not be opened for a real bird’s cry. In response, the Left: as there is the precedent of a barrier being opened in response to a false crow, the poem draws upon this to refer to ‘the sounds I make’ (wa ga ne) – we fail to see why this is problematic. The Left state: we find no faults in need of identification in the Right’s poem.

In judgement: it seems difficult to distinguish between ‘the sounds I make’ and the ‘false crow’ in the Left’s poem, and the Right’s ‘dashed upon the waves are my sleeves’ (osauru sode) is pleasant. Thus, the Right wins.