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San’i minamoto no hirotsune ason uta’awase 15

Fulling cloth late at night (深夜擣衣)



wagimoko ga
utsu karakoromo
sayo fukete
honoka ni kikoyu
izuko naruran
My darling girl
Is fulling my Cathay robe;
As brief night breaks
Faintly I hear
The echoes from somewhere.

Ki no Sukezane



ta mo tayuku
nari ya yukuran
sayo fukami
koromo shideutsu
oto no nodokesa
Is it that her hands so weary
Have become?
Late on a brief night
Fulling clothing—
How faint that sound…

Taira no Sadamoto

Eikyū hyakushu 461

Lacking a Glimpse of Love Letters 不見書恋


wagimoko ga
au mi nariseba
sari to ware
fumi mo mitemashi
todoroki no hashi
If my darling
Were convinced to meet,
Then, I
Would wish to see her letters, too,
Here upon the bridge at Todoroki.


Love IX: 7

Left (Tie)

mukashi kiku
kimi ga tenare no
koto naraba
yume ni shirarete
ne o mo tatemashi
Long ago, I heard
Your favourite
Zither play – if that were me, then
In your dreams I would be known, and
Make a sound most sweet within your sleep…

Lord Sada’ie


wagimoko ga
kokoro no hikanu
koto no ne wa
wa ga matsu ni koso
My darling’s
Heartstrings are not tugged
By my zither’s strains, so
Though I pine for her
‘Tis of no use at all…

The Supernumerary Master of the Empress’ Household Office

The Right state: the Left’s poem gives the impression of being based on something – but what? The Left state: the Right’s poem has no faults to mention.

In judgement: there is nothing unusual about the Left’s poem. It simply seems to be in the conception of the Man’yōshū poem where, ‘a Japanese zither made from the wood of the parasol tree transforms into a maiden in a dream, and says “When will / The day come that / I shall sing / Making his lap / My pillow?”’ I also have the feeling that it is alluding to the subsequent poem, however. So, it is certainly not the case that it is not based on anything. The Right’s poem has ‘heartstrings are not tugged’ (kokoro no hikanu) and then the metaphorical ‘though I pine for her’ (wa ga matsu ni koso), so is certainly not lacking in conception either. They are equivalent and tie.

MYS XI: 2401

Expressing true feelings.


kopi mo sine to ka
wagimoko ga
wagipe no kadeo wo
sugite yukuran
“If one can die of love, then
Do so!” says
My darling girl
As before my dwelling’s gate
She seems to go by!

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Collection

Love VI: 18

Left (Win).

sarade dani
uramin to omou
wagimoko ga
koromo no suso ni
akikaze zo fuku
That is not it, yet even so,
I do think to hate
My darling girl,
Her robe hem
Blown by the autumn wind…

Lord Ari’ie.


ika nareba
tsuyu o harau
kaze no oto ni
mono’omou sode no
For some reason
Dewdrops blown by
The wind – the mere sound
Brings to my gloomy sleeves
A dampness most extreme…


The Right state: the Left’s poem is most admirable. The Left state: the Right’s poem is definitely not!

In judgement: to give the gist of the comments by the Gentlemen of the Left and the Right, the Left’s poem is admirable, and the Right’s poem is not admirable at all. I see no need to make much more of this round that that, so, the Left wins.