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Love V: 12

Left (Win).

yukusue no
fukaki eni to zo
mada musubarenu
yodo no wakagomo
In the future,
A deep connection will we have,
You vowed,
Yet still no one has cupped
This young shoot of wild rice at Yodo.

A Servant Girl.


musuban to
chigirishi hito o
wasurezu ya
mada kage asaki
ide no tamamizu
That we would be joined
We swore, so
Will you not forget me?
The slight reflection left
In Ide’s jewelled waters…


Both Left and Right state: there is no separation between man and woman.

In judgement: ‘Young shoot of wild rice at Yodo’ (yodo no wakagomo) and ‘Ide’s jewelled waters’ (ide no tamamizu) are both elegant in style, but the Left has pledged a more profound bond. The Right has ‘the slight reflection left’ (mada kage asaki) and the Left is a poem about a vow which has been made. The Right is just referring to events of the past. Thus, ‘depth’ should win.


For a picture of Asaka Marsh, drawn on a screen in the Saishō Hall of the Four Heavenly Kings.


nobe wa imada
asaka no numa ni
karu kusa no
katsu miru mama ni
shigeru koro kana
Not yet in the fields, but
At the marsh of Asaka
The stalks for reaping of
Wild rice – under my eyes
Grow lushly upwards now.

Fujiwara no Masatsune (1170 – 1221)