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MYS VIII: 1637

A poem by His Majesty, the Retired Emperor [Genshō].

波太須珠寸 尾花逆葺 黒木用 造有室者 迄萬代


obana sakapuki
kuroki moti
tukureru muro pa
yoroduyo made ni
Grass, reversed, for thatch, and
With unbarked lumber
Made, this rude dwelling
For ten thousand generations, surely will endure…

SSIS X: 725

Composed at the Kameyama Palace in the Eighth Month, Kenji 2 [1276], when the first topic announced was ‘the shape of a pine tree floating in a pond’.


yorozuyo to
kame no oyama no
matsukage o
utsushite sumeru
yado no ikemizu
For ten thousand generations
On the mount of Kame
Is the pine tree’s shape,
Reflected, so clear in
This dwelling’s pond waters.

The Retired Emperor [Kameyama]