Aru tokoro senzai awase – Shōtai yo-nen nijūgo-nichi

Shinpen kokka taikan no.
Heian-chō uta’awase taisei no.13
Romanised TitleAru tokoro senzai awase
Translated TitleGarden Contest held in a Certain Place
Alternative Title(s)
Date25/8 Shōtai 4 [10.10.901]
Extant Poems0
Identifiable Participants

Only the title of this event survives, referenced in a number of court histories and other texts. As such, it is difficult to be certain that it was a separate event from the Poetry Contest held in a Certain Place dated ten days earlier; equally, however, it is entirely possible that two separate events were held (Hagitani 1963, 114).

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