San’i minamoto no hirotsune ason uta’awase

Shinpen kokka taikan no.129
Heian-chō uta’awase taisei no.
Romanised TitleSan’i minamoto no hirotsune ason uta’awase
Translated TitlePoetry Contest held by Lord Minamoto no Hirotsune, Ranked without Office
Alternative Title(s)
Date5/Chōji 1 [5.1104]
Extant Poems32
Identifiable ParticipantsN
TopicsPine seedlings on the Day of the Rat (子日小松); Being quiet in company with a bush warbler (鶯閑中友); A mountain hut concealed by haze (霞隔山家); Distant colours of blossom in full bloom (花満遠色); Summer grasses as the season wears on (夏草漸滋); Wisteria blooming by a river bank (藤花廻岸); A profusion of deutzia flowers in full bloom (卯花盛開); Cicadas singing between the trees (林間蝉声); Quiet thoughts at Tanabata 閑思七夕; Insects’ songs from behind thickets of grass (叢裏虫声); The scent of blossom in the fields at dusk (野花暮馥); Scarlet leaves dyed with dew (露染紅葉); Colours of chrysanthemums at the base of a fence (籬菊色色); First snow seen at dawn (暁見初雪); Fulling cloth late at night (深夜擣衣); Cranes in a garden (庭上鶴馴)

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