Sanekata Shū 5

At a reading of the eight volumes of the Lotus Sutra to draw closer to the Buddha, held at the Shirakawa estate.


keFu yori Fa
tuyu no inoti mo
Fatisu ni ukabu
tama to tigireba
From this day on
My dewdrop life
I’ll not regret: for
Floating on the lotus is
A jewel, linked to me now…

2 thoughts on “Sanekata Shū 5”

  1. Is the similarity between おしからず (I shall not regret) and 白川・しらかわ (the Shirakawa estate) an intentional part of the poem’s effect?

    1. My answer to this one would be ‘no’, if only for the reason that the headnote was probably added afterwards as an aide memoire about the occasion of its composition, rather than being contemporaneous with it.

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