KKS II: 92

A poem composed at a poetry competition held by Her Majesty the Empress during the Kanpyō period [889-898].


Fana no ko mo
ima Fa Foriuweji
Faru tateba
uturoFu iro ni
Fito naraFikeri
Trees full of blossom:
Too late now to transplant them
And with spring’s passing
So their colours fade
A lesson learned by men.

The Monk Sosei

2 thoughts on “KKS II: 92”

  1. Grammatically, does 今はほりうゑじ indicate the writer’s intention, i.e. “from now on I will not dig and replant [them]” ? My guess is that ほりうゑじ is a compound verb of 掘る (to dig) and 植える (to plant; to grow; to transplant), and that じ is the negative auxiliary verb expressing a negative intention, “I will not” (Shirane, p.124).

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