Love III: 29

Left (Win).

ima wa tada
mukashi gatari ni
koi mo wa ga mi mo
When the present
A tale of old has
Quite become;
Our love and myself both,
Would they be better gone?

Lord Kanemune.


yo no hito no
mukashi gatari ni
uki no taetaru
wa ga mi narazu wa
For everyone
A tale of old
I’ll not become, for
Enduing the pains of love –
That is not me.

Lord Tsune’ie.

The Right wonder ‘where’ the Left ‘would be better gone’ (hanaremashikaba)? The Left say the  Right’s poem expresses commonplace feelings [kikinaretaru kokochisu].

In judgement: ‘Where would they be better gone’ (asahanaretaru) means, how would they be gone. This really is an expression with which I am unfamiliar. In any case, it seems poor reasoning [yoshikaranu yoshi ni ya]. However, the Right, having ‘I’ll not become’ (narinamashi) and ‘is not’ (narazu wa) in the initial and final sections of the poem is a fault. While one still wonders ‘where’ the Left is, it must win.

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