SKKS VI: 607

Topic unknown.


fuyugare no
mori no kuchiba no
shimo no ue ni
ochitaru tsuki no
kage no samukesa
Withered by winter,
The forests’ rotting leaves are
Frost covered, upon them
The fallen moon
Light is cold, indeed.[i]

Lord Kiyosuke

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

[i] This poem is an allusive variation on a variant of KKS IV: 184, which appears in some Kokinshū manuscripts: Topic unknown. このまよりおちたる月の影見れば心づくしの秋はきにけり ko no ma yori / ochitaru tsuki no / kage mireba / kokorozukushi no / aki wa kinikeri ‘Between the trees / Dropped moon / Light, seeing it I know / Heart draining / Autumn, has come at last.’ Anonymous.

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