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Teishi-in ominaeshi uta’awase 13

〔   〕むつれなつれむなぞもあやなてにとりつみてしばしかくさじ[1]

mutsure na tsuremu
nazo mo ayana
te ni toritsumite
shibashi kakusaji
How I long to stay fondly with you,
So why, indeed, should
You be picked, and
Briefly fail to hide yourself…


These poems spell out ominaeshi at the beginning of each line.


ono no e wa
mina kuchinikeri
nani mo sede
heshi hodo o dani
shirazu zarikeru
My axe handles
Have all rotted away!
Doing nothing,
Of the passing time completely
Unaware, have I been.


[1] The initial line of this poem is missing from the available original texts of the contest, however, given that this is a kutsukamuriuta on maidenflowers (ominaeshi), it must have both begun and ended with o, like poems 23 and 24, and been a similar type of phrase (‘a flower picked’ oru hana o をる花を; ‘those who picked you’ oru hito o をる人を) (Miki et al. 2019, 94).