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GSIS XX: 1163

In reply.


okuyama ni
tagirite oturu
taki tu se no
tama tiru bakari
mono na omoFi so
From the mountain’s heart
Seething, falling in
Rapid cataracts,
Scattering jewelets; such sadness alone
Should not fill your head.

This poem is a reply from the God of Kibune; it is said that Izumi Shikibu heard a man’s voice reciting it.

GSIS XX: 1162

When she had been forgotten by a man, she went to Kibune, and composed this on seeing fireflies flitting about by the Mitarashi River.


saFa no Fotaru mo
wa ga mi yori
akugare iduru
tama ka to zo miru
I’m at such a loss;
Fireflies by the marsh:
From my breast
Wanders out
My soul, or so it seems.

Izumi Shikibu