Summer I: 1

Left (Tie).


waka midorinaru
natsu kodachi
momiji no aki mo
sa mo araba are
On Tatsuta Mountain
The fresh, green
Summer clustered trees
Autumn’s scarlet leaves
Do match.



Right (Tie).


omokage wa
shigureshi aki no
momiji nite
kamunabi no mori
Bringing to mind
Shower-dampened, autumn
Scarlet leaves:
The pale, grass-green
Sacred groves…

Lord Takanobu.


The Right say, ‘The Left’s poem seems to be have the same conception as the composition by Emperor Sūtoku, “Autumn’s clear moon/Do match” (tsuki sumu aki mo sa mo araba are).’ In reply, the Left say, ‘It is entirely to be expected that there should be such a resemblance,’ and then remark about the Right’s poem, ‘It sounds as if scarlet leaves are its main point, and the topic has been rendered secondary. Furthermore, “pale, grass-green” (usumoeginaru) does not seem to clearly relate to anything.’

Shunzei simply says, ‘“Tatsuta Mountain”(tatsutayama), “sacred groves” (kamunabi no mori), “fresh, green” (wakamidori) and “pale, grass-green” are all appropriate to the form, and there does not appear to be a clear winner, or loser.’

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