Summer II: 27



hima mo naku
shinoda no mori ni
kikoyu nari
chie ni ya kinaku
semi no morogoe
In Shinoda forest
Does one hear
From the thousand branches of the camphor tree
The cicadas’ jostling songs?

Lord Suetsune.


Right (Win).


natsuyama no
ki goto ni hibiku
hitokata naranu
semi no morogoe
In the summer mountains
Every single tree resounds,
I feel,
From all sides comes
The cicadas’ jostling songs.

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Both Left and Right state simply that they found the other’s poem ‘unsatsifying’.

Shunzei wonders, ‘Whether “Shinoda forest cicadas” (shinoda no mori no semi) is entirely appropriate? It has more the feeling of cuckoos, I think. “Every single tree resounds” (ki goto ni hibiku kokochi sen) is more like it. Thus, I would make Right the winner.’

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