Love V: 14

Left (Tie).

iku kaeri
wa ga mi no usa mo
kokoro tsukushi no
hito o kouran
How deep is
My despair?
I do not know, but
My heart, exhausted is in Tsukushi,
With the one I love…

Lord Kanemune.


kimi ga sumu
abukumagawa wa
na nomi shite
yoso nagara nomi
koi ya wataruran
My darling dwells by
Abukuma River – known for meeting –
But that is all:
Simply far apart
Will our love ever be?

Lord Tsune’ie.

Both Left and Right state: the poem sounds antiquated.

In judgement: the Left’s ‘how deep is’ (iku kaeri) and the Right’s ‘simply far apart’ (yoso nagara nomi) once again, are of the same standard.

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