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Love V: 14

Left (Tie).

iku kaeri
wa ga mi no usa mo
kokoro tsukushi no
hito o kouran
How deep is
My despair?
I do not know, but
My heart, exhausted is in Tsukushi,
With the one I love…

Lord Kanemune.


kimi ga sumu
abukumagawa wa
na nomi shite
yoso nagara nomi
koi ya wataruran
My darling dwells by
Abukuma River – known for meeting –
But that is all:
Simply far apart
Will our love ever be?

Lord Tsune’ie.

Both Left and Right state: the poem sounds antiquated.

In judgement: the Left’s ‘how deep is’ (iku kaeri) and the Right’s ‘simply far apart’ (yoso nagara nomi) once again, are of the same standard.

Sanekata Shū 228

In reply to what was written by the Gentleman-in-Waiting to the Lay Priest upon a silver water-horn, when I was to go down to Usa.


musubu te no
wakare to omoFu ni
kono midutuno ni
sode zo nurekeru
Our clasped hands
Parting, were in my thoughts, so
Certain it was that
This water-horn would
Soak my sleeves.

Sanekata Shū 138

When I had returned from Usa, having pleaded for a comb from a lady at the palace:


kosi miti ni
keduru tomo naki
tabibito no
tamuke no kami ni
tukusi Fateteki
Homeward bound,
With unkempt hair
This traveller
His offerings to the gods
Has quite exhausted.