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GSS XIX: 1313

When a woman who had long been in the same house left, on hearing that her parents in the province of Mino were unwell.


ima Fa tote
Furusato no
Fuwa no sekidi ni
miyako wasuruna
“Now is the time,” you say
Getting up to leave for
Your home on
The roads past the barrier of Fuwa,
Don’t forget the capital!

Fujiwara no Kiyotada (? – 958)

SKS VI: 184

When Lord Tachibana no Tamenaka left to become Governor of Michinoku, this was presented from pantry of the Grand Empress Dowager, without any mention of who had sent it.


adumadi no
Farukeki miti wo
ituka tokubeki
sitaFimo no seki
On Eastern paths
So distant
Will you go, and then return
When, indeed, will you undo
The barrier of Shitahimo – my under-belt again?


Sanekata Shū 337

On the first day of the Eighth Month, after His Majesty, Retired Emperor Kazan had given me a bow, and the day when I had to depart was delayed, as if to say, ‘When is it that you’re really off?’ His Majesty said:


iFeba ari
iFaneba kurusi
wakaredi wo
When I say, ‘Farewell’, you linger on, but
To leave it unsaid, a painful
Parting, it would be…

And I sadly replied:


sono Fodo to dani
ika de kikoezi
If only the appointed date, I could,
Somehow, leave unmentioned…

Sanekata Shū 279

At about the time I was made Governor of Michinoku, and was about to withdraw from court, as the pine torches were late in being lit, Middle Captain Michinobu (with Sanekata) said:


matu matu Fodo zo
Awaiting, our pining time
Has been long, indeed…

And Kodaigimi:


mitinoku ni
Fodo towokereba
takekuma no
For Michinoku
Is faraway as
The pine of Takekuma!

Sanekata Shū 228

In reply to what was written by the Gentleman-in-Waiting to the Lay Priest upon a silver water-horn, when I was to go down to Usa.


musubu te no
wakare to omoFu ni
kono midutuno ni
sode zo nurekeru
Our clasped hands
Parting, were in my thoughts, so
Certain it was that
This water-horn would
Soak my sleeves.