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KKS II: 128

Composed in the third month after not hearing the song of a bush warbler for a long time.


Fana si nakereba
uguFisu mo
Fate Fa mono’uku
With a song he tried to keep
The blossoms, yet now they’re gone,
So the warbler too,
At the last, in melancholy
Has sunk, it seems.

Ki no Tsurayuki

KKS I: 49

Composed when the cherry blossom planted at someone’s house had just come into flower.


kotosi yori
Faru sirisomuru
tiru to iFu koto Fa
From this year on
I’ll deeply feel the spring
With these cherry blossoms.
That they will soon be gone-
Oh, that I did not know it!

Ki no Tsurayuki

KKS I: 42

Whenever he went to Hatsuse on a pilgrimage, he stayed at a certain person’s house; he had not stayed there for quite some time, but his host said that there was certainly a place for him there. Hearing this, he broke a spray of plum blossom from a tree standing there and composed this poem.


Fito Fa isa
kokoro mo sirazu
Furusato Fa
Fana zo mukasi no
ka ni nioFikeru
Of people: one cannot
Know their hearts,
But in my home of old
The blossom, with its ancient
Scent perfumes the air.

Ki no Tsurayuki

KKS I: 25

Composed on an occasion when His Majesty commanded that poems be composed for him.


wagaseko ga
koromo Farusame
Furu gotoni
nobe no midori zo
iro masarikeru
My friend
Spreads wide his cloak in a spring shower;
With every fall
The green fields are
More verdant than ever.

Ki no Tsurayuki (Ca. 872-945)