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Summer I: 26

Left (Win).


mijika yo mo
tori yori nochi zo
oi no nezame ni
mono’omou mi wa
A brief space of night, and
After hearing that bird sound,
Dawn still fails to break:
Waking from sleep when old,
My head is full of gloomy thoughts…





natsu no yo wa
tataku kuina no
himanaki ni
hodo naku akuru
ama no to nare ya
Throughout the summer night
Knocking is the water rail
Without a pause, so
In moments will light
Break through Heaven’s door?

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Right state, ‘Starting with simply “a brief space of night” (mijika yo mo) seems unsatisfying. In addition, something seems lacking from “after hearing that bird” (tori yori nochi).’ The Left reply, ‘We can cite the examples of “While a brief space of night breaks” (mizika yo no Fukeyuku mama ni) and “calling in the Fifth Month’s brief space of night” (naku ya satuki no mizika yo) both of which are known to be superlative poems. There is nothing particular to remark upon in the Right’s poem.’

Shunzei comments, ‘I, too, know well the feeling of waking from sleep when old. The Left’s poem is superior to the Right’s.’