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SZS IX: 604

When the Monk Saijū died, on hearing that he had been at peace at the last, he composed this and sent it to the Monk En’i.


midarezu to
woFari kiku koso
sate mo wakare Fa
That he had no pain
At the end-to hear that
Pleases me;
Yet in any parting
There is no consolation.

The Monk Jakuzen

SZS IX: 603

When the Monk Saijū, a fellow pilgrim, became ill around Autumn time, seeing he had not long to live, Saigyō composed:


morotomo ni
nagame nagamete
aki no tuki
Fitori ni naramu
koto zo kanasiki
Have we gazed and gazed again
Upon the Autumn moon;
To do it alone
Will be sad indeed.

The Monk En’i

SZS VI: 414

When the Monk En’i invited people to take part in a hundred poem sequence, he composed this on drizzle.


maya no nokiba no
Fodo naki ni
yagate sasi’iru
tuki no kage kana
Fallen rain dripping
From the leaning eaves
So shallow that
Swiftly in pours
The moonlight.

Fujiwara no Sada’ie