Winter II: 16

Left (Win).


ikutose ni
ware narinuran
shiishiba no
shibashi wa setemo
ureshikarishi o
How many years
Has it been since I
Broke the brushwood to reach Fourth Rank?
I has been a while, and yet
I was happy then…

Lord Kanemune.




michi no shiishiba
toshi furite
koeyuku hito zo
Rank is a mountain
Trail; the brushwood I broke to reach the Fourth
Some years ago, and
Those men who cross to greater heights,
How I do envy them!

Lord Takanobu.


Both teams say that their poems are ‘no more than an expression of personal dissatisfaction’.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both poems are, indeed, similar personal laments [jukkai]. The Right’s ‘trail; the brushwood’ (michi no shiishiba) sounds more modern. The Left’s poem, though, should win.

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