Spring II: 19

Left (Tie).


tsu no kuni no
koya no watari no
nagame ni wa
asobu ito sae
hima nakarikeri
In the land of Tsu,
When out from Koya
I turn my gaze,
Even the wavering hazes
Seem to take no rest.

Lord Suetsune.


Right (Tie).


haru kureba
nabiku yanagi no
tomogao ni
sora ni magau ya
asobu ito yū
When the spring is come,
Fluttering willow fronds’
In the skies can be perceived:
Wavering hazes.

Lord Takanobu.


The Right say that the Left’s poem, ‘suggests heat haze only occurs at Koya in Tsu,’ while the Left say, ‘what are we to make of phrasing such as “like” (tomogao ni)?’, obliquely suggesting that it’s inappropriate poetic diction.

Shunzei says simply that, ‘the purport of both sides’ comments about both poems is apposite,’ and makes the round a tie.

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