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SKKS XIX: 1911

After the main shrine at Kumano was burnt down, within the space of a year His Majesty was able to visit for the ceremony for the moving of the God to temporary buildings.


chigiri areba
ureshiki kakaru
ori ni ainu
wasuru na kami mo
yukusue no sora
It must be fate for me
Such a joyous
Time to see;
Never will I forget it–may the Gods, too,
Not forget us in times to come.

The Senior Retired Emperor (Gotoba)

SKKS XIX: 1904

On the spirit of reminiscence.


moro hito no
negai o mitsu no
hama kaze ni
kokoro suzushiki
shide no oto kana
A multitude of folk
Have made their pleas–at Mitsu
The breeze across the beach
Soothes my heart,
With the sound of offerings rattling.

Former Abbot Jien

SKKS XIX: 1903

In the conception of reminiscence.


hiyoshi no kage wa
kumoranu ni
namida ayashiki
kino kyo kana
On every spot throughout the world
The sunlight falls
Without exception, yet
Tears, strangely,
Obscure my view at present.

Former Abbot Jien

SKKS XIX: 1902

In the conception of reminiscence.


wa ga tanomu
nana no yashiro no
kakete mo mutsu no
michi ni kaesu na
I make my plea
To the Seven Shrines,
Garlanded with barken cords:
For a while to the sixfold
Path of sorrows let me not return.

Former Abbot Jien

SKKS XIX: 1901

On the junior shrine, among poems presented to Hiyoshi Shrine.


kage zo fumoto ni
kumori naki
moto no hikari wa
mine ni sumedomo
The gentle
Light from the foothills
Is unceasing;
The glow from below–the source of all–
Is clear upon the peak–makes His dwelling there.

Former Abbot Jien

SKKS XIX: 1900

For a picture of Oshio Mountain, on a screen in the Saisho Hall of the Four Heavenly Kings.


oshio yama
kami no shirushi o
matsu no ha ni
chigirishi iro wa
kaeru mono ka wa
Oshio Mountain,
The God’s blessing
Awaits; yet the pine needles’–
On which He made his vow–hue
Is not like to ever change…

Former Abbot Jien

SKKS XIX: 1898

In the conception of the gods, when composing in a hundred poem sequence at the house of the Lay Priest and Former Regent and Grand Minister.


kasuga no no
odoro no michi no
mumore mizu
sue dani kami no
shirushi arawase
Lost under Kasuga Fields’
Overgrown trails are
Hidden waters–as am I, yet
To my posterity at least may the Gods
Give blessing.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

SKKS XIX: 1889

Composed for a picture of the Rinji Festival at the Kamo Shrine on a folding screen prepared for the entrance of a Junior Consort to the palace in the 6th year of Bunji (1190).



tsuki sayuru
mitarashigawa ni
kage miete
kori ni sureru
yama’ai no sode
Clear, the moon,
Upon the Mitarashi River
Shines, seeming as
A design of ice upon
Indigo sleeves.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari