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Spring II: 27

Left (Tie).


kore ya kono
kokoro aru hito no
naniwa watari no
haru no akebono
Is this what
That man with soul
Should gaze upon?
Close by to Naniwa –
The dawn at springtime…

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Tie).


awaresa wa
furiyuku mama ni
takatsu no miya no
haru no akebono
How moving!
As it ages, it
Affects one more:
The Palace at Takatsu,
In the dawn at Springtime.

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Neither team has any particular remarks to make about the other’s poems this round.

Shunzei, too, merely says, ‘Both poems make splendid use of places such as ‘the Palace at Takatsu’ (takatsu no miya), ‘close by to Naniwa’ (naniwa watari) and ‘dawn’ (akebono). It is difficult to decide on which is better. The round must, therefore, be a tie.’