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Spring III: 20



oikaze ni
sudaku kawazu no
morogoe mo
nami mo yorikuru
ide no kawamizu
Carried on the wind
The swarming frogs’
Chorus, too,
Comes with the waves
To the waters of Idé.

Lord Ari’ie.


Right (Win).


fune sae toyomu
horie no kawazu
koe shikirunari
Rowed too far,
Even the boat echoes,
it does seem;
The Horie frogs
Crying all together.

The Assistant Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


The Right remark that as the Left’s poem contains “carried on the wind” (oikaze ni), it would have been desirable for it to also contain “boat”. The Left content themselves with saying that the reference to “frogs crying” seems “bombastic”.

Shunzei judges, ‘It is as the Right have stated with regard to “carried on the wind.” “Comes with the waves” (nami mo yorikuru) and its associated section, too, sounds impressive, but is really not so. There is logic in the criticism of the Right’s poem for “frogs crying”, but this is how the Horie frogs sound. Thus, the Right should win.’