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Naidaijin-ke uta’awase 4

Round Four: Showers

Left (Win – Mototoshi)


midutori no
awoba no yama ya
kozuwe wo somuru
kesa no sigure ni
Aoba Mountain –
What is to become of you?
Your treetops dyed
By this morning’s drizzle…

Lord Akinaka

Right (Win – Toshinari)


ama no wobune ni
Fuku toma no
sita toForu made
Clouds claw in and,
Upon the fisherfolk’s tiny boats
Do blow; until from the thatch,
Right through to beneath,
Do the showers fall…

Lord Michitsune

Toshinari states: to follow ‘waterbird Aoba Mountain’ (midutori no awoba no yama) with ‘treetops dyed’ (kozuwe wo somuru) is blatantly obvious; in the following poem, while referring to ‘fisherfolk’s tiny boats’ (ama no wobune) is stylistically unexpected, it is not a fault, so I feel it should win.

Mototoshi states: referring to ‘waterbird Aoba Mountain’ (midutori no awoba no yama) is extremely old-fashioned, but the poem of the Right has ‘clouds claw in and, upon the fisherfolks’ tiny boats do blow; until the thatch’ (kakikumori ama no wobune ni fuku toma), which are not things on which spring or summer showers fall, so there is no linking sense with ‘right through to beneath’ (sita toForu made). Thus, I must conclude that showers which dye the treetops is slightly superior.