GSIS XV: 869

Composed when she had been conversing with the Lay Priest Regent [Fujiwara no Kane’ie 藤原兼家; 929-990], at about the time the moon of sleep-postponed came out, to ask if he would stay, when she had said that she expected him to do so.


ikaga sen
yama no Fa ni dani
kokoro no sora ni
iduru tuku wo ba
What am I to do?
Not even at the mountains’ edge
Does it pause, but
Into the heavens of my heart
Emerges the moon…

The Mother of Major Councillor Michitsuna.

The ‘moon of sleep-postponed’ (nemachi no tsuki 寝待の月) referred to the moon around the nineteenth day of the lunar month. This incident, when Michitsuna’s Mother is essentially saying to Kane’ie, ‘I’m sure I don’t want to detain you, if you don’t want to stay!’, is also mentioned in her diary, Kagerō Nikki, and so the poem can be dated to autumn, 957.

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