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MYS IX: 1682

A poem presented to Prince Osakabe, composed on viewing the image of a sage.


tokosipe ni
natu puyu yuke ya
apugi patanu
yama ni sumu pito
Not eternally,
As summer and winter’s passage, yet
His coat of fur, and
Fan, never will he release
This mountain-dwelling man…

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Collection

SIS XVII: 1089


ama no kaFa
aFugi no kaze ni
kumo Farete
sora sumiwataru
kasasagi no Fasi
Upon the River of Heaven,
The breeze of her fan
Clears the clouds, and
Soaring ‘cross the skies goes
A bridge of magpies.

Kiyowara no Motosuke

This poem is also Wakan rōeishū  202.

SIS XVII: 1088

On the 21st day of the Fifth Month Tenroku 4 [973], former emperor En’yū, who was then the sovereign, visited the Princess of the First Order [Shishi 資子] and, following a loss at a game with go counters, on the 7th day of the Seventh Month, the Princess had a fan wrapped in thin cloth and presented to the imperial pantry.


ama no kaFa
kaFabe suzusiki
tanabata ni
aFugi no kaze wo
naFo ya kasamasi
On the River of Heaven’s
Shore, cool
In early autumn
Is this fan’s breeze:
I wonder, should I lend it you more?


This poem is also Wakan rōeishū  201.


Composed for a folding screen of the twelve months, during the Engi period.


natsu hatsuru
ōgi to aki no
shiratsuyu to
izure ka mazu wa
okamu to suran
With the end of summer
My fan or the autumn’s
Silver dewdrops
Which will be the  first
To fall, I wonder!

Mibu no Tadamine

This poem is also Wakan rōeishū 169.