Love II: 20

Left (Tie).


hate mo naku
yukue mo sara ni
koi no kagiri wa
koyoi narikeri
Where lay the end, and
What would become of it
I did not know:
The full extent of our love
Was this night alone.

Lord Ari’ie




akeba mata
awanu mono yue
kimi kou to
isameshi hito ni
kaku to shirasemu
With the dawn
No more will we meet’
My love for you
And the one who forbids it,
Will so be told.

The Provisional Master of the Empress Household Office


The Right state: the Left’s poem lacks any sense beyond that provided by the source poem. The Gentlemen of the Left state: the Right’s poem has little conception as a Love poem, other than wanting to announce the fact of it swiftly.

Shunzei’s judgement: love, where one does not know ‘what will become’ or ‘the end’, even if limited to a single night, does not sound that memorable. The import of the Right’s poem sounds particularly pitiable for the woman. Both poems lack style. They should tie.

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