Sanekata Shū 38

Composed at Kasuga.


eda kaFasu
kasuga no nobe no
inoru kokoro Fa
kami zo siruramu
Branches intertwined,
On the field of Kasuga stand
White pines;
My heart’s plea
The Gods alone must know.

2 thoughts on “Sanekata Shū 38”

    1. No, it’s a completely different word. Depending upon its context, it can have a range of meanings from ‘I can’t be sure about it, but X is probably the case’, ‘I wonder why X is the case’, ‘is it because of something that X is the case?’ or simply, ‘it probably is X’. 〜らし – the premodern equivalent of 〜らしい has a range of more definite meannings: ‘it certainly appears that X is the case’, ‘judging by appearance, I would presume that’, and so forth.

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